Marisol Diaz is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the mother of Hector Diaz, Connor Walsh's first client at the Legal Clinic.


Early LifeEdit

Marisol and her son, Hector Diaz crossed the Mexican border illegally from Sinaloa, Mexico around early 2016. They were separated at the border. ("Vivian's Here")

Season 6Edit


Season 6
"Say Goodbye" "Vivian's Here" "Do You Think I'm a Bad Man?" "I Hate the World" "We're All Gonna Die"
"Family Sucks" "I'm the Murderer" "I Want to Be Free" "Are You the Mole?" "Episode 6x10"
"Episode 6x11" "Episode 6x12" "Episode 6x13" "Episode 6x14" "Episode 6x15"
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