Governor Lynne Birkhead was a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder  and the current Governor of Pennsylvania. She was responsible for ordering Xavier Castillo to organize the murder of Nathaniel Lahey, Sr., and was likely responsible for ordering the murders of Emmett Crawford and Asher Millstone.


Season 4Edit

When Annalise Keating files a class action lawsuit against Pennsylvania and Birkhead personally, she sends Attorney General Anderson Chase to court and have the case dismissed by decertifying the case. When the that failed they conspired to have the case remanded from trial court to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court so it will be easier to dismiss. It works but Annalise appealed the verdict and managed to get the case heard before the Supreme Court of the United States with help from Olivia Pope. The Supreme Court justices rule in favor of the plaintiffs and orders Birkhead to provide better funding to the Public Defender's Office and retry all the plaintiffs' cases. ("Nobody Roots for Goliath", "Ask Him About Stella", "Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania", "Nobody Else Is Dying")

Season 5Edit

Following Annalise Keating's victory in the Supreme Court of the United States, her plaintiffs have the chance to get their cases retried. Lynne used her power as governor to try everything that she could to prevent and delay her plaintiffs from getting a retrial. During the time when Annalise was trying to get a job in order to pay for her plaintiffs' cases, Birkhead called each of the law firms who offered Annalise a job and threatened them in order to drop their offer. Despite her work, Annalise still got hired at Caplan & Gold. She then used her power to get a new executive order introduced to prevent Annalise from using her non-lawyer students at her Legal Clinic from assisting in the cases involved in the class-action. This order, however, also failed as the students had to take an ethics test in order to continue participating in her cases which all 25 students passed. ("Your Funeral", "The Baby Was Never Dead")

Season 6Edit

Under torture, Xavier Castillo admits that he set up the murder of Nathaniel Lahey, Sr. under Birkhead's orders. Xavier explains that Birkhead wanted to prove that Annalise's Supreme Court win would put dangerous felons onto the streets, enraging Nate that his father's murder was all over politics. Xavier also confirms that Agent Denise Pollock was working for the governor who was calling all of the shots and that Xavier's father ordered him to help Birkhead. ("Let's Hurt Him")

During Annalise Keating's trial, Birkhead is called to the stand where she denies conspiring to set Annalise up or knowing Xavier Castillo and Hannah Keating. On cross-examination, Annalise plays a recording Hannah made of a phone call between herself and Xavier where they discussed the murder of Nathaniel Lahey, Sr. and the governor's involvement in it. Annalise presses Birkhead for an explanation, but the governor remains firm that she has no idea what they're talking about.

At a press conference after Annalise's win, the press question Annalise about what should be done about Birkhead. Annalise states that there needs to be either an independent council investigation into the governor's actions or they need to impeach her right away. One of the reporters reveals that Birkhead is at the courthouse meeting with the Attorney General and Annalise suggests that Birkhead is concerned that she will be charged with conspiracy along with Agent Lanford. At that moment, Frank Delfino ascends the courthouse steps as Birkhead emerges and shoots the governor several times, killing her. Frank and Bonnie Winterbottom are killed by return fire from courthouse security guards as bystanders futilely attempt to tend to Birkhead's wounds. ("Stay")

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  • She is most likely the successor to Francisco Vargas, the previous Governor of Pennsylvania and a character on Scandal, since it has been established that the two shows exist in the same universe.  
  • She was likely elected on the same day of the Vargas assassination or sometime after since it was stated that she was elected.
  • Laura Innes, the actress who portrays Lynne, is also a director for How to Get Away with Murder. This marks the first time in which a crew member has been cast in a role on the show.
  • In "Was She Ever Good at Her Job?", before Laura Innes was cast, Governer Birkhead was initially believed to be male given as a male pronoun was used when talking about her.


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