"You don't seem very upset. [...] You found out your father killed himself, and you've already moved on to funeral arrangements."
—Mrs. Millstone to Asher Millstone after her husband's suicide[src]

Lydia Millstone is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the mother of main character Asher Millstone and Chloe Millstone and the widow of William Millstone.


Early LifeEdit

Mrs. Millstone married William Millstone and ended up having two children, Asher Millstone and Chloe Millstone. ("What Did We Do?")

Season 2Edit

Following her husband's death, Mrs. Millstone blamed her son for his suicide because Asher had neglected to see how much of his father's life was spent burying Asher's past mistake at Trotter Lake and the fact that he wasn't there for him when the news was coming out about all of William's wrongdoings as a Judge. When Asher came to see her, she ended up kicking him out in disgust, telling him that she never wanted to see him again and that his money would be cut off. ("What Did We Do?")

Season 3Edit

Mrs. Millstone stayed true to her word and cut Asher off completely as Asher Millstone was approaching his second year of law school and needed money to cover his bills. He initially went to his mentor, Annalise Keating for a loan but she turned him down and told him to get a job. ("We're Good People Now")


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