"Mr. Assaf, this admission calls into question your integrity, as well as everything positive that was said about you in this courtroom today. I've therefore come to the conclusion that, despite the excessive community support shown here I'm going to order your deportation."
—Judge Lorraine Huffman to Karim Assaf.[src]

Judge Lorraine Huffman is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the judge who ruled over Karim Assaf's case after his lawyer tried to get his charges thrown out.


Season 3Edit

In the case of Karim Assaf, he was under threat of being deported back to Iraq a year after pleading guilty to possession. In the courtroom, his attorney was Annalise Keating's Middleton Criminal Law Clinic who had taken on Karim as a pro-bono client. Student Wes Gibbins was first chair and introduced the court to 15 different members of Karim's community to talk about Karim's character. Michaela Pratt also assisted. Following, Annalise had her students stall the court by calling forth Karim's daughter Faiza Assaf to the stand. As soon as she was sworn in, Annalise stormed into the courtroom with a plea from the District Attorney's Office explaining that the charges against Karim were reduced to a misdemeanor due to evidence that he was innocent and pleaded guilty so that he wouldn't face deportation. Even with this new evidence, the Judge didn't like the fact that he lied under oath in the first place which leads to her conclusion that the deportation charge should remain which would subsequently result in Karim's deportation out of America and back to Iraq. ("We're Good People Now")


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