Linda Tanner is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is Arthur Kaufman's color blind assistant. She appears in "Pilot".


Season 1Edit

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Annalise is able to discredit the witness. ("Pilot")

Linda Tanner has taken the stand at the courthouse for Gina Sadowski's trial. She explains that she was Arthur Kaufman's first assistant for twenty-one, so seeing him lying on the floor when she found him was horrible. She describes that he wasn't breathing and his skin kept getting more and more blue. Linda apologises to Agnes, who is sitting at the prosecution desk with her almost vegetative husband. The prosecutor, Henry Williams, assures Linda that she did everything she could before sitting down. Meanwhile, as Michaela rushes to the courthouse in a hurry, Asher turns to Connor and comments that they just got screwed...and not in a good way. As it's now her turn to speak, Annalise approaches Linda Tanner for questioning. She points out that Linda doesn't like Gina, and after getting a file from Bonnie, she begins listing off all the things she had called her. Linda tries to shrug this off as lies, but before she can finish, Michaela rushes into the courtroom, whispering something into Frank's ear. The entire room goes silent and Annalise asks the judge, Kathy Powell, for a moment. Annalise confronts Michaela and the latter whispers something into her ear too. The judge asks for Annalise to hurry it along, so Michaela goes to sit down in the audience with a grin on her face. When Connor makes a comment to her, she tells him he should pay attention as he might learn something. With fresh information, Annalise approaches Linda on the stand and asks to confirm if she saw a pill on Gina's desk the day of the accident. Linda confirms this, so Annalise asks her to confirm it was a yellow pill like the colour of Prosecutor Williams' shirt. Linda confirms that it was, shocking the room, as his shirt if blue. Annalise asks if Linda is colour blind. She bitterly confirms that she is, pleasing Michaela. Linda insists that she knows what she saw and that Gina was acting nervous, however Annalise simply asks if its possible the medication she saw on Gina's desk was her anxiety medication. "I suppose so" she says, giving in. Annalise thanks Linda for her candor before sitting back down. Gina smiles. ("Pilot")


Season 1
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