"Let's Get to Scooping" is the fourth episode of the first season of How to Get Away with Murder and the fourth episode overall.


Annalise and her students uncover a shocking truth while investigating the case of Marren Trudeau, founder and CEO of a major brokerage firm, who has recently been arrested for insider trading. Meanwhile, Wes discovers a cell phone hidden by Rebecca whose contents reveal an unsettling clue in the Lila Stangard murder case.



Act I

Connor comes knocking on Oliver's apartment door, covered in sweat as he asks Oliver to take off his clothes for intercourse. Oliver questions if he ran all the way to his apartment, and Connor confirmed it, asking for him to remove his garments once again. Oliver closes the apartment door, facing Connor as he's headed towards his bedroom. Oliver says that he's going to work and he's worried that Connor might be a sex addict. As he tells Connor about a book he read in the past to help with his addiction, Connor teases him, convincing him to not think of sex as a bad thing. Oliver requests that they do something normal besides sex, like crosswords and breakfast or whatever couples do. Connor laughs at the couples concept Oliver brought up, and asked what was next. Oliver grows a bit nervous as Connor continues to tease him and smile in his direction. Oliver finally gives in and says he'll take off his clothes as long as Connor forgets what he said. Connor admits that watching Oliver freak out is way more fun, and he stares back at him with another smile on his face. Oliver tells him to stop looking at him, leading to Connor laughing and trying to tease Oliver with his smile. Once he arrives at Rebecca's court case, he asks Laurel and Asher what he missed. Asher asked if Connor ass was tired at all, and Connor asked him, "who says it's my ass?" Laurel tried keeping Connor quiet, and the students went back to paying attention to the case at hand.

Act II


Act IV

Act V

Act VI


This is a gallery of photographic stills released to promote the episode.

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