This article is about the legal clinic in Season 5, Legal Clinic.
For the article about the legal clinic from Season 3, see Middleton Criminal Law Clinic.
"Despite what you think, this is not an Advanced Trial Skills class. In fact, this is not a class at all. This is a sacrifice. From this point on, you will have no time for friends or family. Instead, you'll wake up hating yourself for choosing this life. But you'll get up anyway, killing yourself to win cases, only to lose and watch innocent people go to jail, and then you'll drink to make yourself feel better. Or take pills. Or fantasize about going to sleep forever. That's the life you're choosing. Brutal, mean, depressing, ruthless. But that's what it costs to change the world."
Annalise Keating to the class at Middleton University[src]

The Caplan & Gold Legal Clinic is a clinic on How to Get Away with Murder. It is run by Annalise Keating and funded by Caplan & Gold. The major reason why the clinic was created was for her to be able to use it to teach the students as well as give then first-hand experience as being a lawyer. This is achieved by using Annalise's class-action lawsuit retrials.


No. Client Charge(s) Attorney Episode
1 Nanda Hashim Homicide Annalise Keating "Whose Blood Is That?"
2 Nate Lahey, Sr. Homicide Annalise Keating "It's Her Kid" - "It Was the Worst Day of My Life"
3 Hector Diaz Entering the country illegally Connor Walsh
Annalise Keating
"Vivian's Here" - Do You Think I'm a Bad Man?
4 Brandi Greene Theft Michaela Pratt
Gabriel Maddox
Annalise Keating
"Do You Think I'm a Bad Man?"



  • This clinic is exclusively for third-year law students at Middleton University.
    • Gabriel Maddox is the only anomaly as he is a second-year but made a good case to Annalise resulting in her giving him one of the 24 places.


Season 5
"Your Funeral" "Whose Blood Is That?" "The Baby Was Never Dead" "It's Her Kid" "It Was the Worst Day of My Life"
"We Can Find Him" "I Got Played" "I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die" "He Betrayed Us Both" "Don't Go Dark on Me"
"Be the Martyr" "We Know Everything" "Where Are Your Parents?" "Make Me the Enemy" "Please Say No One Else Is Dead"
Season 6
"Say Goodbye" "Vivian's Here" "Do You Think I'm a Bad Man?" "I Hate the World" "We're All Gonna Die"
"Family Sucks" "I'm the Murderer" "I Want to Be Free" "Are You the Mole?" "We're Not Getting Away With It"
"The Reckoning" "Let's Hurt Him" "What If Sam Wasn't the Bad Guy This Whole Time?" "Annalise Keatings Is Dead" "Stay"


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