Special Agent Lanford is a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was the partner of Agent Claire Telesco before she was fired.


Season 5Edit

Season 6Edit

Following Emmett Crawford alleged poisoning resulting in his death in his office at Caplan & Gold, Tegan Price is questioned by Lanford in her office. Tegan tries to explain that it must have been the governor but without proof, Lanford doesn't even consider the possibility. As he gets up to leave, he congratulates her for getting Emmett's job. ("Say Goodbye")

As Nate Lahey's turn to testify against Annalise comes up at her trial, Lanford and the AUSA offer Nate a twenty million dollar settlement for the death of his father which he realizes is a bribe to keep him silent about Agent Denise Pollock murdering Asher Millstone on the witness stand. Though Nate takes the settlement, he reveals the truth on the stand instead of lying, including how Lanford and the FBI tried to cover up the murder of their informant by one of their own.

After being found not guilty of all charges, Annalise suggests at a press conference that Lanford will face charges of conspiracy for his actions. ("Stay")


Season 5
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