LaFonda Baker is a minor actress on How to Get Away with Murder, who portrays the role of Katrina Portman.



LaFonda Baker is an actress who appeared in Lucifer on Fox and has a recurring role opposite Emmy award winner Ellen Barkin in Season 3 of Animal Kingdom. LaFonda has been trained by working actor and villain-extraordinaire Brett Rickaby (The Crazies / Bereavement) and the late, great R.J. Adams (Actor, Director, Producer). In 2011 LaFonda was honored with a 30 Under 30 Award by The Sacramento Observer for creating and facilitating a theater arts program for 6-10-year old's at The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Sacramento. LaFonda looks forward to working with more legendary actors in the future and specifically hopes to work with living legends Angela Basset and Shonda Rhimes one day.[1]


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