Justice Strickland is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder.


Season 4Edit

After pulling some strings, Olivia Pope managed to get Annalise's class action to the Supreme Court. On the day, Annalise arrived with seconds to spare. In her statement, she argued Nate’s father was a victim of ineffective counsel in the criminal justice system and faced a battering of questions from the justices. As expected, Strickland gave her a hard time, pointing out that Nate’s father is a confessed killer. He claimed the case was only about money, to which Annalise said it was also about race. They went back and forth, forcing Annalise to declare, “Race is the determining factor.” Strickland then argued that this was not a discrimination case. While the opposing attorney, Ingrid Egan, argued against the class action, Michaela Pratt and Marcus Walker passed on information about a key case for her rebuttal. Once it was Annalise's turn to speak again, Annalise read Strickland’s own words from a 1985 case back to him to prove that race is a major factor in this matter. “Some may argue slavery has ended, but tell that to the inmates who are kept in cages,” Annalise declared, questioning why money for prison owners was “more important than humanity” and “criminality is confused with mental health.” She demanded the Sixth Amendment be enforced for all as intended.("Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania")


Season 4
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