"Relax. We met on humpr. I barely remember, too."
—Julien to Connor Walsh about their sexual encounter[src]

Julien is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. Although he calls himself a "slut", he claims to pail in comparison to the guys Connor Walsh has slept with.


Season 1Edit

Julien: "Hey. Connor. [...] You don't remember my name."
Connor: "No, I totally do."
Julien: "Wow. And I thought I was a slut."
— Julien and Connor Walsh[src]
Julien and Connor have sex. ("He Deserved to Die")

After his sexual encounter with Connor Walsh, he encountered him again whilst he was walking through the Philadelphia Courthouse. Julien tries to instigate a conversation between him, however, Connor claims not to remember his name. Julien comments that he thought he was the slut before Connor. He later bumped into him again at the courthouse, this time, Connor remembers his name. Connor asks him whether he wants to go and get a drink at the bar across the street on a date, however, Julien reminds him that he has a boyfriend. The two eventually have sex in the men's room after one of them claims to have forgotten what they look like naked. ("He Deserved to Die")


Season 1
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