Detective John Mumford is a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is a detective who works with the Philadelphia Police Department and his partner, Brianna Davis.


Season 3Edit

Fire at the Keating HouseEdit

After the Keating House was set ablaze, John and his partner Brianna Davis question a distraught Annalise Keating. She claims to have been at her legal clinic all night with paperwork. Because she was alone, there was no one to verify her alibi and as a result, the two detectives arrest Keating in front of the masses of press and public at the scene of the fire. Later, John is approached by Annalise's attorney, Bonnie Winterbottom who asks him on the charges they are holding Annalise under. During their conversation, a fireman receives confirmation that there is a survivor inside the house. ("There Are Worse Things Than Murder", "Always Bet Black")


Season 3
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