"I hate when this happens. This is why you're here, Miss. Pratt. We represent Robert and Mary Walker. You're marrying their son Aiden. Is that right? This is a prenup. It's for your protection, as well."
—Jim Buchanan to Michaela Pratt[src]

Jim Buchanan is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He works for Sterling & White and has the Walkers as clients.


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Jim explaining the prenup to Michaela. ("He Deserved to Die")

After his client's son got engaged to Michaela Pratt, the Walkers got Sterling & White to call Michaela into the firm to get her to sign a prenuptial agreement on behalf of Aiden Walker. After calling Michaela in, Michaela is under the impression that she is there for an interview for an internship. Embarrassed for her, Jim explains that she is not there for an interview, but to sign a prenup. However, she walks out, refusing to sign anything. The law firm later gets in contact with Mary Walker who visits Michaela herself to get her to sign the prenup. Although refusing again, she later comes to her senses and signs. ("He Deserved to Die", "He Has a Wife", "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me")


Season 1
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