Jen Dede is a minor actress on How to Get Away with Murder, who portrays the role of Cynthia Ewing.



Jen was born and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois to a dancer/choreographer and pharmaceutical manufacturing professional. After taking countless dance classes in her mother's studio growing up, Jen found her true love of acting in a play at the age of 13 and never looked back. Jen was accepted into the prestigious Theatre School of DePaul University where she earned a BFA. Upon graduation, Jen worked extensively for the most well-respected theatres in Chicago: The Court Theatre, Northlight Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, and the Writers' Theatre where she received critical acclaim for her work. Chicago Tribune - "While all the acting is capable, there's truly extraordinary work here from Jen Dede. In a fiendishly difficult role, the elegant Dede offers a performance of great richness, capturing both Alison's strength and her emotional dependence on her brutish and hurting husband." After working steadily in Chicago and soaking up the rich theatre scene and as much television and film projects as possible Jen moved to Los Angeles. Since moving to LA, Jen continues to work in film and television, as well as theatre. Roles have ranged from a comedic mobster's wife with a heart of gold in Who the F is Buddy Applebaum, to a desperate ex-addict looking to make amends in The Mending, to the sweet down to earth girlfriend in Somebody Marry Me (the first ever 'one-shot' feature length romantic comedy). Jen learned to speak Czech for the film My America. When Jen starred in the West Coast premiere of Mr. Kolpert Variety Magazine called her a "tour de force... the acting equivalent of a star exploding into a supernova." Jen also works as a producer, developing independent projects, and has a budding writing career. Jen is a member of the renowned classical theatre company, Antaeus where she played the diabolical Regan in King Lear, and doe--eyed Valerie in Cousin Bette, adapted by Jeffery Hatcher. In addition, Jen is a Senior Instructor and the Director of the Youth Program at the highly reputable Warner Loughlin Studios.[1]


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