Warden Jeffrey Sykes is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was responsible with aurthorising the transfer of Nathaniel Lahey, Sr. to a psychiatric ward which resulted in his death during his transfer.


Season 5Edit

As the Warden of the Philadelphia County Prison, Sykes overseas the inmates. Attorney Annalise Keating's client Nathaniel Lahey, Sr. needed to be transferred to a psychiatric hospital. Interim D.A. Ronald Miller spoke to Sykes regarding the transfer and forced him to move the transfer up and to have Nate transferred at night. That night, C.O. Paula Gladden and C.O. Jim Wagner were in charge of Nate's transfer and executed him under the orders of Xavier Castillo and staged the crime scene to make it look like Nate tried to go for Gladden's gun resulting in Wagner shooting Nate in the head to stop him. ("We Can Find Him", "I Got Played", "Don't Go Dark on Me")


Season 5
"Your Funeral" "Whose Blood Is That?" "The Baby Was Never Dead" "It's Her Kid" "It Was the Worst Day of My Life"
"We Can Find Him" "I Got Played" "I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die" "He Betrayed Us Both" "Don't Go Dark on Me"
"Be the Martyr" "We Know Everything" "Where Are Your Parents?" "Make Me the Enemy" "Please Say No One Else Is Dead"


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