"You want to save me? Go back to when I was 13 and my daddy sold my ass to a crew for a couple of bags of smack. You know what they do to the new girl? Strip you naked and take turns. They call it wolf packing because then you are so broken, they can work you full time - in vans and basements. And the only way to get through it is to shoot up and get numb. And who do you think takes the heat? So you plead out and you do your time only to get back out, sell your body again for more drugs, get arrested again, plead out again...until you have spent your whole life in a cell. And here you come, thinking you can save me. Guard, get me the hell out of here."
—Jasmine Bromelle to Annalise Keating[src]

Jasmine Bromelle was a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder. She has been in prison on-and-off for all of her life.


Early LifeEdit

From a young age, Jasmine was forced into prostitution by her father and was caught when she was just 13. Even though other women her age weren't charged, since Jasmine was the only woman who was black, things were different. However, this was not her only charge. From this moment, Jasmine continued to get into trouble with the police and eventually got sent to jail. ("I'm Not Her")

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Annalise gave Jasmine her documents. ("I'm Not Her")

Months later, Jasmine was visited by former cellmate Annalise Keating who offered to take her case and get her released from prison. In court, the dash cam footage from Jasmine’s arrest showed she actually solicited the arresting officer and also could've been booked for battery. Confronted with the damaging video, she rejected Annalise’s attempts to help after court. Annalise then came up with a way to help her case and called Mr. Hedstrom to the stand in court. She questioned why Jasmine wasn’t treated as a victim when she was taken into custody as a teen and confronted the now-retired judge, as a black girl, she was treated differently than white girls in the same situation. Her argument was that that started a lifelong pattern that never should’ve been, and demanded all her subsequent convictions be vacated. The presiding judge apologized on behalf of the wrong previously done to her and said he would seal all her prior convictions so she could move forward without a criminal history. After court, Annalise gave her money for a fresh start and sent her on her way. ("I'm Not Her")

After being released from prison with practically a clean record, Jasmine went back into past habits and not long after, died from a drug overdose. Her body was later identified by Annalise Keating after she was called to id her body. ("It's for the Greater Good")


  • The documents which Annalise Keating obtains once becoming her lawyer have different birth years listed for Jasmine, one saying 1954[3] and another saying 1955.[1]
  • According to her arrest reports, she was booked for a variety of crimes over her many times which she was incarcerated such as prostitution, solicitation, possession of a controlled substance (cocaine, ecstasy, etc).[4][5]


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