"And you wonder why people want you dead?! What kind of monster gets off on mocking her own son? [...] I look forward to the day you die."
—Jared Duvall to his mother, Edith Duvall[src]

Jared Duvall is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was accused by his mother, Edith Duvall of poisoning her with antifreeze.


Season 3Edit

After he and his sister and brother are accused by his mother of poisoning her with antifreeze, the two seek council with Annalise Keating and her teaching clinic. The students interview the three siblings. Jared reveals to Connor and Simon that his mother caught him masturbating once and started calling him Jerky Jared. Asher finds a possible suspect for the case though Karen tells them that she was with the suspect, making them unusable. During his deposition, the ADA asks him about his love life and Edith jokes about Jared's non-existing love life. This causes Jared to lash out at his mother and tells her that he wishes she was dead. At Edith's deposition, Laurel and Annalise questions her. When Annalise and Laurel managed to get to the bottom of her lies, the ADA advises Edith to get her lawyer before answering any more of their questions. She insists that they should continue and she eventually cracks and admits that she poisoned herself as her children take her for granted and wanted to show them that they shouldn't. The prosecution drops the charges against the siblings. ("Call It Mother's Intuition")


Season 3
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