James Logan is a minor actor on How to Get Away with Murder, who portrays the role of Vince Groves.



James Logan has worked professionally in film and television for over 25 years. James works as both an actor and a stuntman, but his weapon of choice has always been directing. As such, James recently wrote and directed his first feature film, the SAG Ultra Low Budget horror film 'Undying'. You may recognize James from some of his stunt work, but seeing as though a stunt performer's job is usually to hide his face, hopefully you do not. But, you might remember James from his various acting stints on numerous television classics such as FX's 'Justified', where he played Boyd's extremely unlucky bartender Caleb. Or possibly you were a fan of LifeTime's 'Strong Medicine', where James played 'Paramedic Smith' over the course of 5 years and 25 plus episodes. Not that one, huh? Ok, did you watch Disney's KC Undercover? Remember that one villian who fights Zendaya on the ferris wheel? The Jackal? Yeah. That was James.

That's not to say you didn't see him in some film playing some jackass. James played a jackass in the beginning of the 'Mechanic' (that is until his character is straight up murdered in cold blood by Jason Statham's character, the film's 'hero'). He also played a jackass in 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' (#FinnicksFirstKill as he is known by almost no one). 'Ride Along'? Jackass. 'Cardboard Boxer'? Jackass. Are you starting to see a pattern here? But perhaps James is best known for his portrayal of the murderous, jack ass Lars, opposite John Travolta in Chuck Russell's 'I Am Wrath'. Just full nova jackass. Most recently, James has played a direction-ally challenged Construction Worker on ABC's 'Station 19' and the fictional, biblical, whip cracking bad ass Thomas in 'The Penitent Thief', which was shot in the great state of Texas. God bless Texas! James continues to work on any film, TV, Intenet, Short, InstaVine(?), iPhone, birthday-party project that will have him.[1]


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