"I know I can't see her, but maybe when she's 18, once she understands why I did this, she'll want to see me again."
—Jackie Groves to Annalise Keating about Heather.[src]

Jackie Groves is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She was the accomplis to Vince Groves when he took girls captive. Though she didn't like what was going on, she kept her mouth shut. After coming clean to her attorney, Annalise Keating, she stopped her husbands chaos, however, she presumibly ended up going to jail anyway.


Early LifeEdit

"I ran away when I was 16, slept on the street. He said he would look out for me. So we got married, but I could never get pregnant. Then he showed up with Rachel, and I didn't know what to do. I just knew I didn't want him to hurt her the way he hurt me. Then Lynn came. She's pregnant again, about to deliver. Last time, the baby died. So this time That's why I'm here. That can't happen again."
—Jackie Groves to Annalise Keating and her office.[src]

When Jackie was 16, she ran away from her parents and ended up sleeping on the streets until she met Vince Groves who said that he would look after her. Over time, although he was abusive to her, the two got married, however, they were unable to have kids. One day, Vince returned home with a girl, Rachel. Jackie didn't know what to do as she was afraid that he would hurt her if she said anything, and she was also afraid that he would hurt the girl; so she kept quiet. Another day, her husband returned home with another girl, Lynn who eventually got pregnant, however, Jackie told Lynn that her baby died, where really Jackie took the baby and raised her as her own. ("Best Christmas Ever")

Season 1Edit

Annalise: "You won't be out of jail by then."
Jackie: "But I'm not going to jail. I have a deal."
Annalise: "I said you had a deal, but no one was here to testify to that fact, just you and me, and you're not the only good liar in this room. I've withdrawn as your lawyer. Good luck finding a new one."
Annalise Keating and Jackie Groves[src]
Annalise firing herself as Jackie's attorney. ("Best Christmas Ever")

After Lynn got pregnant again, Jackie went to an attorney called Annalise Keating where she pleaded with her for her to take her case so that she could get the girls free from Vince's grasp. After telling her story to her team, Annalise called the D.A. to request a plea deal. After getting her plea deal where she would serve three years probation and treatment at a mental health clinic, Jackie told Annalise where she could find Rachel and Lynn and the police raided her home where the girls were rescued and Vince arrested. Later, Jackie was approached by Annalise for a second time after learning about Lynn's firstborn being alive. Though initially refusing to give up her location, Jackie gave up her location and she was rescued. Annalise then informed Jackie and withdrew as her attorney. Jackie however, wasn't bothered as she still had her plea deal. Annalise, however, informed her that she lied to her about her plea deal and that there was no such thing, meaning that she would go to jail. ("Best Christmas Ever")



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