"It's Time to Move On" is the 16th episode of How to Get Away with Murder, as well as its second season's premiere.


Annalise and her students must move on with their lives as though nothing has happened, but the students are still reeling over Rebecca's disappearance. Only Annalise and Frank know that Rebecca was murdered and the two are determined to find out who killed her. Meanwhile, Annalise decides she wants to take on a new client, a brother and sister who are accused of killing their parents, and an old friend surprises Annalise at home and teaches her a valuable lesson.[2]


Annalise sees a TV report of the Hapstall case, in which adopted siblings, Caleb and Catherine, are charged with the murder of their parents. Determined to get the case, Annalise has the Keating Five make the attorney mess up so she can take the case. Laurel gives the defense a cropped video that appears to discredit the witness, Caleb and Catherine's aunt, Helena Hapstall. The video turns out to be edited, and the prosecution accuses the defense of manipulating the footage. Following this, Caleb and Catherine hire Annalise.

Meanwhile, Annalise and Frank find Rebecca's body. Frank makes plans to hide her body, and theorizes that Wes killed Rebecca. Later, Frank tracks Wes' computer, where he's been searching for Jane Does in Pennsylvania. Annalise accuses Frank of killing Rebecca, but he says he didn't. Annalise later invites Wes for dinner, and he confirms that he didn't kill her. However, Laurel goes to Frank, asking if Rebecca's dead, leading Frank to become suspicious of her. Frank tells Annalise that it was Laurel, leading her to figure out who really killed Rebecca - Bonnie. A flashback shows Bonnie accusing Rebecca of killing Lila and strangling her with a plastic bag. Annalise confronts Bonnie, who tells her she did it to protect Annalise, but Annalise tells her that she really did it for Sam.

Eve Rothlo, the attorney Annalise referred Nate to, shows up at Annalise's house. They argue, revealing years of history between them. Eve initially refuses to take the case but ends up agreeing. However, when she meets with Nate, he tells her that Annalise framed him, and Eve turns down the case. Eve and Annalise fight, and Eve leaves. However, Annalise is distraught after confronting Bonnie, she visits Eve. They reminisce about their college days and reconcile, eventually having sex.

After Oliver's positive HIV result, his relationship with Connor is strained. He argues with Connor and accuses him of not actually wanting to be with Oliver. Connor is determined to prove his commitment and moves in with him to prove that he does.

At the end of the episode, Annalise takes Laurel, Wes, Connor, and Michaela to a club to encourage them to have fun and move on. While they're there, a news report shows Helena Hapstall murdered in her car, while at the Hapstalls' mansion, Caleb is just returning from a jog.

Flash-Forward Edit

Wes is seen leaving the Hapstalls' mansion after a gunshot is heard; Annalise is shown inside the mansion, bleeding on the floor.

Notes and TriviaEdit

 Notes Edit

  • This episode scored 8.38 million viewers.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of former main cast member Katie Findlay (Rebecca Sutter) after her character's death in the previous episode, "It's All My Fault".
  • Even before the episode aired, it was announced that Rebecca's killer would be revealed in this episode.[3]

Title Edit

  • The title of the episode originates from Annalise's line "It's time to move on", which she says to Wes at the rave to convince him to stop worrying.


Song Artist Scene
"Where the River Runs (Animal Music Remix)" Malpas At a lounge bar, Michaela worries over EGG 911 when she strikes up a conversation with a guy and hits on him until he tells her he's gay. She then dismisses him away and texts EGG 911.
"Sternenkinder" Klangkarussell Eve is appointed Nate's lawyer; Connor moves in with Oliver; Annalise takes the Keating 5 to a rave; Sinclair questions Asher; Laurel tries to apologize to Michaela; Helena's body is found.
"Happiness" IAMX Annalise drags Wes to dance floor, they dance together; the Keating 5 dance together. During a flashforward, Wes runs from the Hapstall manor while inside Annalise lies in a room bleeding out on the floor.



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