"Is Someone Really Dead?" is the 36th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


A revelation in the Wallace Mahoney murder rattles Annalise and the Keating 5, as the team takes on the case of a veteran facing assault charges.[2]


Flashforward: A hysterical Michaela desperately searches for Asher, including looking for him in his dorm before finding him drunk and dancing with the undergrads. Michaela tells Asher that Annalise's house burned down and that someone is dead.

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  • In a flash forward, after finding out that there’s been a fire at the Keating House, Michaela goes on a search to find Asher, to see if he’s okay. After a bit of searching, she finds him in his dorm block and informs him that there’s been this fire and that someone’s dead. He’s in shock and replies back to Michaela. “Is someone really dead?

International TitlesEdit

  • French: "Le Nerf de la guerre" (The Force of the War)
  • Spanish: "¿Alguien está muerto?" (Is Someone Dead?)


Song Artist Scene
"Cotton Eye Joe" Rednex Asher continues to joke around about Michaela's country girl origins.
"Take Me with You (feat. Cat Dowling)" Peter Vogelaar Thomas kisses Oliver goodnight; Connor and Michaela eat ice cream when Oliver texts Michaela about this date; Asher comes over to Michaela's to report back on his date with "Heidi" but Michaela calls his bluff; Annalise and Bonnie find Vince at the Keating House.
"Eyes in the Shadows" Alexi Von Guggenburg Bonnie goes to the Department of Veterans Affairs to find information that helps Annalise in court.
"Bum Ticker" Graphite Man Sex scene between Wes & Laurel and Michaela & Asher, up to the time until you hear the Bye Felicia song with Asher.
"Bye Felicia" Matt McGorry Michaela searches for Asher through the dorms and finds him drunkenly dancing with the dormies, she questions him about Wes and Laurel as he was the last person to have seen them.



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