This article is about the character from the Season 4 episode "I'm Going Away", named Irene.
For the character from the Season 3 episode "There Are Worse Things Than Murder", see Irene Crowley.

Irene is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She works at the Acacia Center nursing home which Ophelia Harkness visited.


Season 4Edit

Irene showing the Harkness' around the facility. ("I'm Going Away")

After being diagnosed with dementia, Ophelia Harkness and Mac Harkness had a hard time acknowledging that she required full-time care. After a family discussion between her two daughters, Celestine and Annalise and her ex-husband, Mac, Ophelia was convinced that she should at least see the care home for herself before making any decisions. Upon arriving at the Acacia Center, Ophelia and her family are greeted by Irene who gives them a tour of the facility. While going around, Irene gives them a lecture about the fact that their facility is capable of supporting patients who are suffering from memory loss and that their staff are available 24 hours a day to accommodate their needs, implying that Ophelia would be a perfect addition to the home if she was to decide that she wanted to go to the home. After finishing their tour, Ophelia finds a photo collection which Irene explains are photos of old celebrities of which the residents remind themselves with. While showing Ophelia to the garden, Annalise and Mac started an argument as it is Mac's belief that Ophelia was fine with him. He also makes a comment on the price of the facility as it costs $5,000 a month. After coming back inside, Ophelia goes over to the argument and tells them all to be quiet and makes a comment that they are humiliating her in public. After this, they leave. ("I'm Going Away")


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