Casey Innis Dumm is a minor actor on How to Get Away with Murder, who portrays the role of Adrian Castillo.



Innis Casey was born in Burbank, California and graduated from San Diego State University. Intrigued by the Mexican culture, he went there to study and fell in love with the country. Casey felt the need stay and decided to pursue a career as a singer. It was in Mexico City where Casey learned to speak Spanish and signed a recording contract with BMG. His self-titled debut album was well-received throughout Latin America and the single, "Dime Donde, Dime Cuando", reached the number one spot on the Mexican pop charts. Casey also won the prestigious Heraldo award for "Best New Artist of the Year". Soon after, he launched his equally successful follow up album, "Es Por Ti", which was released internationally. Casey returned to his home in Los Angeles and landed a recurring role in the critically acclaimed Fox series 24 (2001). He then starred in the feature film Swing (2003), opposite Jacqueline Bisset, Tom Skerritt and Jonathan Winters, directed by Martin Guigui. Casey also shot the TV pilot "Me, Me, Me" opposite Tori Spelling. Some notable guest spots include "CSI Miami" and "The Division". After working with director Kim Bass in the film "Fast Glass", Casey won the title role of "JYD", a once in a lifetime opportunity part, playing the deranged serial killer in "Junkyard Dog" opposite Vivica Fox. In his spare time, Casey enjoys photography, snowboarding, and surfing.[1]


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