"The minute she made race the determining factor, she took it out of the purview of this trial [...] If that is the precedent that Ms. Keating wants to challenge, then that case needed to be built and argued in the state appellate courts."
—Ingrid Egan to the Justices[src]

Ingrid Egan is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She acted as the defendant with Annalise's class action lawsuit.


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"But even if our states could find more funding for public defenders, what about using that money for our schools? Or housing for the homeless? What about the millions of children in the foster-care system that - are wards of the state? - I'm sorry you're not there with her. Or women who depend on state funds to escape battered housing. And let's not forget my opposing counsel was just a criminal defendant herself."
—Ingrid Egan to Noah Baker[src]
Ingrid answering the press' questions. ("Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania")

After Olivia Pope pulled a few strings, Annalise Keating's class action lawsuit was reinstated and sent to the Supreme Court. Egan was then appointed as the commonwealth attorney to try and get her case dismissed. To try and raise awareness, Egan appeared on BNC in an interview with Noah Baker. They talked about the case and about Annalise's alcoholism. The following day, Ingrid obtained a package in disguise as a pizza delivery. Michaela Pratt and Marcus Walker steak out outside of her house and witness the delivery but thought nothing of it. What they were unaware of was that the pizza delivery was really information given to her by Justice Strickland. Later, Ingrid arrived at the Supreme Court and her and Annalise Keating signed its guest book. Once the court was in session, Annalise opened with introducing the justices to the face of her case Nate Lahey, Sr.. Following this, Ingrid fought the negatives for the case which Annalise was proposing. Once Annalise has some trouble with Justice Strickland, she has her former student Michaela obtain valuable information which helps her make a valiant point about the justice system that could have been improved with more funding to public defenders. Outside the court, Egan and Annalise answer questions for the press. Annalise thanks Nate senior and Connor for helping her with the case, as well as the Grant Institute and Olivia Pope. ("Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania")

After the justices of the court get back their ruling of Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it is revealed that they sided with Annalise Keating even though Justice Strickland was initially against the idea. The winning of the case then suggests that all cases involved in the class action could have the opportunity to have them retired with the addition to granting public defenders from all around the country more funding to allow them to better represent their clients. ("Nobody Else Is Dying")


  • From the dialogue with Annalise Keating and Ingrid during the signing of the Supreme Court's guest book, it is implied that Ingrid had fought previous cases in the Supreme Court.[2]


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