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"I Hate the World"[2] is the 79th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


The FBI continues to interrogate Connor which leads him to panic under the pressure. Meanwhile, Annalise, Tegan and the students defend a woman accused of violating a disabled man’s civil rights for developing a dating app that discriminates against him. Elsewhere, Bonnie helps Nate get more intel on Tegan while Michaela and Gabriel travel to New York to track down her father.[3]


Notes and Trivia


  • This episode has the lowest amount of live viewers, with 2.10 million.[1]

Important Events

  • Nate Lahey kept the files that Todd Denver had on Annalise and her associates.
  • Michaela and Gabriel head to New York where she faces her father Solomon Vick. After they awkwardly meet, he reveals that he knows who she is. 
  • Michaela and Gabriel find out from Sam's therapy recordings that Annalise was sexually abused before she met Eve.
  • Bonnie and Nate find out that Tegan has shares in a company owned by Laurel and Tegan tells Bonnie that Jorge gave her the money as "blood money."
  • Oliver has his first threesome with Connor and a guy from an online dating site.
  • Asher's sister Chloe turns up to pay him a visit.
  • Gabriel learns Annalise broke up with Eve because she was falling for her therapist: Sam Keating.
  • Frank got severely beat up following his encounter with Xavier Castillo while he was looking for Laurel and Christopher.





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