"Anna Mae, I want you to hear me and I want you to hear me well because you're the one who's confused right now. I'm going away. You know it. I know it. My mind's going. So whether I live or die, it's not about me. It's what you want, your father wants, - what your sister wants."
Ophelia Harkness to Annalise Keating

"I'm Going Away" is the 46th episode of How to Get Away with Murder, as well as its fourth season's premiere.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In the wake of Wes’ tragic death, Annalise returns to her family home to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, and realizes that, in order to rebuild, she must make a tough and shocking decision. Meanwhile, “the Keating 4” all face an uncertain future while Laurel becomes obsessed with finding out what actually happened to Wes the night he died. In a flash-forward, a terrifying crime is committed and everyone is a suspect.[3]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Annalise on a plane to visit her mother.

Annalise was on a flight to Memphis when a man named Desmond began flirting with her. At her parents’ home, she said she wanted to use her insurance money from the fire to put her mom in a nursing home, but the matriarch was furious. Bonnie called to reveal Hannah (Sam’s sister) was contesting Annalise’s ownership of the house and her hearing to be reinstated to the Bar was pending. To avoid drinking but still blow off steam, Annalise met up with Desmond for a hookup. She got cold feet, however, and bailed. During the night, her mom had a dementia episode, after which she agreed to visit the facility. Annalise’s father wanted to care for her herself, and they fought over who was to blame for her mom’s condition.

Annalise and Celestine discussing their mother.

Annalise’s sister, Celestine assured her that it wasn’t her fault, and she confessed that the expected insurance payout wasn’t coming through. She further admitted she may be disbarred for her alcohol issues. “I’d be drinking, too, if I had your life,” her sister admitted. Annalise asked her mom point-blank what she wants to do, and the matriarch replied, “I’m going away. You know it, I know it. My mind’s going.” Noting her daughter’s past losses, she said she wanted to “protect you from losing any more.” But since dementia can’t be stopped, she said they need to “prepare,” prompting Annalise to break down. “Don’t worry, I’ll stay as long as I can,” her mother said. Before leaving, Annalise begged her dad to “keep her safe,” at which pointed he finally apologized for the sexual assault she suffered at the hands of his brother.

Laurel showing her father around the University.

One week later, Annalise invited the Keating 4 and Bonnie to a dinner. Laurel was with her dad when she received the text, and questioned why he brought Dominic to town. She confessed her pregnancy, but said she had an abortion. Laurel was later late to the dinner, where envelopes awaited each person. Connor was at a gay bar with Oliver, arguing over whether they should marry when he received the invite. Asher and Michaela were testing mattresses when the text came to them. She feared it was a “last supper,” while he hoped Annalise had good news. Frank took Bonnie to look at a potential office for Annalise and vowed, “I’ll win her back. Just give me time.”

Annalise's team having dinner.

At the legal hearing, Annalise confirmed she was drinking while already on probation with the Bar and said Wes’ death was the result of her decision to drink. But she promised she’s sober and would remain so, and pleaded for “mercy” and “one more chance.” The episode then jumped ahead/back to Laurel’s arrival at the dinner, where Annalise said the letters couldn’t be opened until after dinner. She revealed she won the hearing, and Laurel said she couldn’t drink to celebrate because she was having the baby and is due in five months. Annalise then said the envelopes held recommendation letters, as she was cutting them from her team. “We’ve been given a second chance. We don’t need each other anymore. So it’s time to go our separate ways,” she told them, pointing out Wes’ absence. “I ruined him, but I’m not going to ruin all of you.” When an upset Laurel left, Michaela blasted Annalise for her unilateral decision and then stormed off, too, saying, “Have a terrible rest of your life.” Asher followed, saying, “Maybe next time, don’t invite people to a fancy dinner to dump them.” Connor was the least bothered and actually thanked Annalise.

Annalise attending her first session with Isaac.

“They’ll understand eventually that this is good for them,” Bonnie said, just as Annalise handed her her own envelope and walked out. She later set up residence in a fully-furnished one-bedroom suite at the Easton Hotel as everyone read their letters. Michaela vowed to be stronger without her, and Connor told Oliver he wanted to marry him but didn’t want to say yes until things were “normal.” “For once, I want to do something the right way,” he said. In the last few minutes, Laurel contemplated asking her dad why he killed Wes, Bonnie met with the D.A. at the District Attorney's Office to get a job, and Annalise went to a court-ordered therapy meeting with Isaac Roa. The show ended with a flash-forward to three months later, with Frank and the therapist arriving at a hospital, where “she” was still unconscious with drugs in her system. Laurel, a patient, awoke and screamed something happened to her baby.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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Important Events[edit | edit source]

  • Laurel has somehow discovered that her father was the one who murdered Wes. It is possible that she put one and one together when Dominic "bumped" into her on the street, later realizing that her father sent him to keep an eye on her.
  • Annalise has disbanded the Keating 4 and her legal department to start fresh after realizing that they all weren't good for each other. Annalise wrote each one of them a gleaming recommendation and encouraged them to leave and start somewhere fresh, away from each other.
  • Laurel has lied to her father about aborting her child, possibly because of his involvement with Wes' death. She revealed that she is around 4 months pregnant to the Keating 4 at the dinner.
  • Hannah Keating is suing Annalise for ownership of the house and subsequently the insurance money.

Title[edit | edit source]

  • The title along with the writer (Pete Nowalk) and director (Jet Wilkinson) of the episode was revealed on Pete Nowalk's Instagram post.[6]
    • Pete Nowalk appears to be continuing his tradition with writing the premiere and finale episode of each season, the only anomaly being the first season where he also wrote the second episode along with the first and the last episode. It can be assumed that as he is writing the first episode of Season 4 then he will most likely write the last episode of the season.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to Annalise Keating's mother, Ophelia Harkness realizing that she is sick and is not getting better and that she needs to be put in a home. Ophelia said the quote "I'm going away" when she was explaining to Annalise that she was ready to be put into the care facility.

International Titles[edit | edit source]

  • French: "À Chacun Son Chemin" (To Each His Way)
  • Spanish: "Me Iré Pronto" (I'll Go Soon)

Music[edit | edit source]

Song Artist Scene
"Shoo Turkey" Cicely Tyson & Viola Davis While Annalise is putting fresh clothes on her mother she begins to sing and Annalise joins in.
"Shoo Turkey" Bessie Jones Annalise, Celestine and Mac tour Acacia Home with Ophelia to see if the nursing home would be felt for Ophelia.
"Alan" Perfume Genius Mac finally apologizes to Annalise for the abuse she suffered at the hands of Clyde; Annalise texts the Keating 4 and Bonnie asksing to meet with them as she flies home; Annalise has her debarment hearing.
"Cold Cold Cold" Cage the Elephant Annalise survey's her new living quarters; the Keating 4 read over their recommendation letters from Annalise; Laurel goes back to Wes' old flat, now hers; Michaela pumps Asher up for their future; Connor tells Oliver he'll marry him in the future; Laurel begins to asks her father why he killed Wes but erases the text; Bonnie goes to job interview at the DA office; Annalise goes to her therapy appointment; (flashforward) Laurel awakens to Frank in hospital and finds her baby bump gone.

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