"How to Get Away with Murder: The Complete Second Season" is the second box-set compilation of How to Get Away with Murder episodes, featuring all 15 episodes produced as part of the show's second season, as well as a number of special features.


As the body count rises, Frank, Bonnie and the Keating Five dive into a docket of daunting new cases. Meanwhile, the shocking discovery of who killed Rebecca leads into the mystery of who shot Annalise. But instead of answers, this stunning development will set the stage for a series of shocking secrets, bittersweet betrayals and gasp-worthy revelations that will prove beyond all reasonable doubt, that under the right circumstances, anyone can be a killer.

Disc BreakdownEdit

Disc 1Edit

Disc 2Edit

Disc 3Edit

Disc 4Edit

Bonus FeaturesEdit

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bloopers
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