Hector Diaz is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was Connor Walsh first official client in his final year of law school.


Season 6Edit

Hector and his mother, Marisol Diaz crossed the Mexican border illegally around early 2016. They were separated at the border. ("Vivian's Here")

A year later, Hector is being deported back to Mexico. He is appointed to the Legal Clinic where law student Connor Walsh takes his case. When meeting him, Hector hides under the table. As Hector doesn't know any English, Connor cannot communicate with his client very well. As a result, Asher, who was helping Hector's case, called a college for assistance. Tegan Price arrived and reluctantly translated for them. Hector then drew a figure who Connor assumed was a gang member. Hector then added I.C.E. to the image indicating that he was scared of the I.C.E. agents who separated him from his mother. Oliver later arrives and has smuggled in a phone. Hector quickly snatches the phone from them and calls his mother. Later in court, Connor calls an I.C.E. agent to the stand which Hector screams and hides under the table. DHS Attorney Ford argues that Hector's reaction was coached. As a result, Connor and Ford argue different presidents. Judge Helen Bines rules in Hector's favor. Now, the judge declares that Hector is to be put into foster care. ("Vivian's Here")


Season 6
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