"Hello, ladies and gents. Hampton I.T. Services For all of your computer and technology needs."
Oliver Hampton to people in the bar[src]

Hampton IT Services, briefly known as Control Oli Delete, is a company on How to Get Away with Murder. It was founded and run by Oliver Hampton.


Season 4Edit

"You're calling it "Control Oli Delete"?"
Laurel Castillo skeptically, to Oliver Hampton[src]

Oliver Hampton created his own company designed to help its customers with internet security and web page design. He presented the finished web page, 'Control Oli Delete' to his friends and boyfriend at his apartment: Laurel, Connor, Asher and Michaela. Laurel, however, made a comment which suggested that she disliked the name. This then caused Oliver to rename his business to give a more professional finish. He then got business cards printed for 'Hampton IT Services' and handed them out at a bar. ("I'm Not Her")




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