Grant Hapstall is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is the adoptive father of Caleb and Catherine Hapstall. He, and his wife, were killed by Caleb.


Early LifeEdit

Grant and his wife Ursula were owners of a billion dollar valued firm Hapstall Farmaceuticals. They didn't have any biological children, only two adoptive - Caleb and Catherine. ("It's Time to Move On")

Grant is believed to have had an affair with his own sister, Helena, and also to have a son with her, Philip. ("Hi, I'm Philip")

Season 2Edit

Grant and Ursula were found gagged and shot to death at their mansion by their adoptive son Caleb Hapstall. It was initially believed by the police that both, Catherine and Caleb had killed their adoptive parents in order to get their inheritance. Grant's sister, Helena Hapstall heard the murder from across the road, claiming that the murders were so violent, it woke her up from her sleep. Helena was later silenced by Caleb via her death in order to prevent her from testifying any further in the Hapstall Case. Catherine ended up going to jail for shooting Annalise, however, after the news about Philip was dug up, Philip claimed that Catherine was with him on the night that Grant and his wife were killed, revealing to the world that Caleb was the true culprit. While the news came out, Caleb took his own life as a result. ("It's Time to Move On", "Hi, I'm Philip", "Anna Mae")


  • Though both Grant and Ursula Hapstall are credited in two episodes, they never appeared physically, only in pictures.


Season 2
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