Folake Olowofoyeku is a minor actor on How to Get Away with Murder, who portrays the role of Desk Nurse.



Growing up between London and Nigeria, the youngest of eighteen children, Folake always dreamt of delving into the arts. Her parents however insisted on the family profession of Law and Politics. On an opportune summer vacation to New York City, Folake, unbeknownst to her family began her studies in the arts; eventually leading to her Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Theatre, a Diploma in Audio Engineering and Self-Teachings on Electric Guitar. She earned a Best Actress Award for her lead role in "When They Could Fly" at the prestigious ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. Her voice has also been utilized for voice-over campaigns with The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, The Coca-Cola Company, Money Gram and Emirates Airline. While at University, she also developed a love for basketball; competing with CCNY's Beavers in the NCAA Leagues. Folake's love of the game persists till today; as she competes in various recreational Leagues in Los Angeles. Folake has also been training in Krav Maga (Israeli Martial Arts) and is considering competing in these arts sometime soon.[1]


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