Félix Enríquez Alcalá is a director on How to Get Away with Murder.



Alcalá's first major breakthrough came in 1991 when he was hired by Lynn Marie Latham and Bernard Lechowick to direct an episode of ABC's short lived drama series Homefront. Since then he has guest directed on a vast number of series including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, ER, Dollhouse and House. In 1997, Alcalá made his theatrical film directing debut with the film Fire Down Below, starring Steven Seagal. In 2007, Alcalá was nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards for directing the Battlestar Galactica episode (Exodus, Part II).[1]



Season 6
"Say Goodbye" "Vivian's Here" "Do You Think I'm a Bad Man?" "I Hate the World" "We're All Gonna Die"
"Family Sucks" "I'm the Murderer" "I Want to Be Free" "Are You the Mole?" "Episode 6x10"
"Episode 6x11" "Episode 6x12" "Episode 6x13" "Episode 6x14" "Episode 6x15"


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