Faiza Assaf is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the daughter of Karim Assaf.


Early LifeEdit

When Faiza was 6, she and her family moved from Iraq to America as refugees. 9 years later, she, her father and her brother, Abdul Assaf were driving to school when they were stopped by the police. They searched the car and found over 2 ounces of marijuana and arrested Karim for possession with the intent to distribute. Although Karim admitted to owning the drugs, they really belonged to Faiza. ("We're Good People Now")

Season 3Edit

Around a year later, her father, Karim Assaf was put under the threat of deportation. As a result, Annalise Keating and her legal clinic took on Karim's case. During court, Wes Gibbins calls forth 15 witnesses to serve as character witnesses on Karim's behalf. After, Faiza is also called to the stand. Moments after she is sworn in, Annalise arrives back into court with a new plea which reduces Karim's felony to a misdemeanor. Although this means that Karim isn't being charged with a criminal offense, the Judge decides to keep the deportation charge as she thinks that although the drugs weren't his, the fact that he lied under oath speaks louder than anything else which they argue against. After, Faiza tells he father that she could confess as a last-ditch ploy to keep her father in the country but he refuses to let her go through with it as although he is being deported, his children aren't. They can still have a life in America. ("We're Good People Now")


Season 3
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