"As you can see, your reinstatement comes with the following conditions. You agree to abstain from drinking, attend AA meetings three times a week, and submit to random alcohol testing. We also expect to see a change in your conduct both inside and outside of court. This board will not tolerate any of the moves that have characterized your practice in the past. Moves? Ethical violations, intimidation of witnesses, harassment of opponents, misleading judges, being party to any criminal acts."
—Ellen Freeman to Annalise Keating regarding her reinstatement[src]

Ellen Freeman is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She and a couple of other people are part of the board. She made it possible for Annalise Keating to start practicing law again.


Season 3Edit

Following Annalise's license to practice law is revoked, Ellen takes Annalise aside in the courthouse where she shows her the video of her slapping her client, Toby Solomon. Ellen then informs Annalise that her hearing is the following week. Days later, Annalise calls Ellen and asks for her to gather the disciplinary board as she wants to make a statement as soon as possible. They then record her as she admits that she is an alcoholic which was mainly caused by some of her personal struggles of late which include her husband getting murdered and her getting shot. A couple of days later, Ellen meets up with Annalise at the courthouse where she explains her license reinstatement terms. That she has to abstain from drinking, attend at least 3 AA meetings a week and submit to random alcohol testing. Annalise agrees to the terms and Ellen hands her a contract for her to sign. She does which therefore reinstates her license to practice law in the state of Pennsylvania. ("Don't Tell Annalise", "Is Someone Really Dead?")

Season 4Edit

"Ms. Keating, the conditions of your probation were that you could and would not drink again. [...] You agreed, to my face, that we were to disbar you if you relapsed."
—Ellen Freeman to Annalise Keating[src]
Ellen and the rest of the Disciplinary Board. ("I'm Going Away")

During Annalise's disbarment hearing, a member of the board explains that the court is happening because, on the night which Annalise was arrested, she was found to be intoxicated which caused the hearing to occur. The board member then asks Annalise's attorney, Bonnie Winterbottom whether she has a statement she wishes to give. Bonnie claims that the test which was taken during the night of Annalise's arrest was not reliable as it may have been tampered with by the ADA. However, before Bonnie can finish the statement, Annalise stops her and tells the board that the allegations against her are true. She explains due to her drinking, one of her students took their life at her home and that she has not had a drink since. She explains that she will continue her sobriety by going to AA meetings etc. However, Ellen reminds Annalise that she had already made the promise before and had broken it when she was on probation. Ellen also reminds her that they agreed to the terms which would induce Annalise being disbarred upon her having a drink. Annalise tells the board that if they disbar her then she will have nothing being as she has lost everything. Annalise begs for the board not to disbar her being as it is the only thing she has left. She asks them to give her one last chance to which the board eventually agrees to her terms. ("I'm Going Away")


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