Elena: "I don't remember."
Laurel: "Oh, right. That's cause you never asked. Well, actually, she did call once to ask me if I was dating anyone. I am, by the way... Two guys at the same time."
— Elena Castillo and Laurel Castillo[src]

Elena Castillo is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She married Laurel's father, Jorge Castillo when they moved to Florida from Mexico.


Season 1Edit

Jorge having Christmas dinner with his family. ("Best Christmas Ever")

On Christmas day 2014, Laurel visits her family in West Palm Beach, Florida. While having dinner, her father talks about bludgeoning the city commissioner after golf. Her brother comments by saying that he should wait until Laurel passes the bar. With that said, Laurel pipes up and tells him that would be charged with more than assault for that, probably aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Her family is impressed and remarks her for her talent. Her stepmother tries to change the subject but Laurel cuts in and continues talking about her work. Laurel tells them of the things that Sam has allegedly done and her brother thinks she's joking. Her stepmother is surprised that she didn't tell her but Laurel responds with that if she bothered to pick up the phone once in a while, she would know more. She then remembers that she did call her once, but only to ask about her love life. She then tells her family that she is currently dating two guys at the same time. Her father tells her to stop in Spanish. Laurel, also in Spanish, tells him that she is sorry that talking about what is actually happening isn't more interesting than always talking about golf. Her father then tells her to leave the table and to go back to whatever she calls home. Laurel graciously thanks her father for the dinner and leaves smiling. ("Best Christmas Ever")

Season 3Edit

Its late 2015 and Laurel visits her father in Florida at his company, Antares Technologies. The two use Ursela Mamoon, a conflict resolver to work on their family drama. Laurel reveals that Jorge met Elena a month after he left her mother, Sandrine Castillo. Later, Jorge admits to Laurel that he's on a cleanse that Elena has set him on. ("Always Bet Black")



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