"He said he was the baby's grandfather. It's a woman in that picture. She was the mother, according to him. She panicked after the birth and dropped the baby at the hospital, but she wanted him back, and he didn't want her to get in trouble with the police. I was trying to do the right thing for the baby."
—Eileen Colterman to Nate Lahey regarding the baby.[src]

Eileen Colterman is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. As a former nurse, Eileen was the nurse who looked after Bonnie Winterbottom's baby until he was kidnapped.


Early LifeEdit

"It's been over 20 years since I worked at that hospital."
"But the police records say you were the last person to see the baby."
"He was left at the hospital with just a blanket, not even a note. Me and the other nurses all fought about who would get to adopt him. So, when he was taken that night, on my shift everyone blamed me. As they should have.
—Eileen Colterman and Nate Lahey about Bonnie Winterbottom's baby.[src]

As a nurse, there was a baby boy who was abandoned at the hospital which she was working at. Eileen and the other nurses fought over who would get to adopt the baby if nobody came forward. While it was her turn to watch the baby, he was kidnapped. Eileen recognised the woman who did it as the person who she assumed was the mother as she was the same woman who dropped the baby off. She was blamed for losing the baby by her peers and subsequently was fired. ("The Baby Was Never Dead")

Season 5Edit

Many years later, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She was later visited by Nate Lahey from the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office with questions regarding the baby who was kidnapped when she was a nurse. She told him that the baby was abandoned at the hospital and about the nurses and that he was later kidnapped under her watch which she was subsequently fired for. Nate left but came back sometime later with further questions about her story due to the holes he poked. She initially refused to say anything further until he showed her a picture of Bonnie Winterbottom when she was younger. Eileen seemingly recognized Bonnie and claimed her to be the mother who dropped the baby off and later returned to claim him back after she had second thoughts. ("The Baby Was Never Dead")


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