Easton Hotel Manager is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is the manager of the Easton Hotel.


Season 4Edit

While running the hotel, the manager was introduced to a new customer Annalise Keating, a failed attorney who had her house burned down. After asking for a room, the manager showed her up to her room where she would be staying. Around Two months later, on the night of the Party at Caplan & Gold, an ambulance was called to the hotel as a pregnant woman named Laurel Castillo had given birth to her son in the elevator, however, she was bleading to death. The hotel's elevator and floor where Annalise's hotel room was on was covered in blood. After Laurel is taken to the hospital, the police corner off the area and call it a crime scene mainly because of Annalise's involvement in the matter. The police question the manager in order for them to gather some background on Annalise while she was staying at the hotel. After the police leave, the area is cleaned and Annalise returns to the hotel. ("I'm Going Away", "He's Dead")


Season 4
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