"A daily newspaper is complimentary. And we offer a host of other amenities for all of our guests. This is our fully-furnished 1-bedroom suite. As for your neighbors, we've got lots of single men. And women, too, depending on your flavor. Most guests pay weekly, but we give a discount for a monthly rate."
—The Easton Hotel Manager to Annalise Keating[src]

The Easton Hotel is a location on How to Get Away with Murder. After Annalise Keating's career was ruined, she rented a room in the hotel while she fixed her broken career.


Season 4Edit





Season 4
"I'm Going Away" "I'm Not Her" "It's for the Greater Good" "Was She Ever Good at Her Job?" "I Love Her"
"Stay Strong, Mama" "Nobody Roots for Goliath" "Live. Live. Live." "He's Dead" "Everything We Did Was For Nothing"
"He's a Bad Father" "Ask Him About Stella" "Lahey v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" "The Day Before He Died" "Nobody Else Is Dying"
Season 5
"Your Funeral" "Whose Blood Is That?" "The Baby Was Never Dead" "It's Her Kid" "It Was the Worst Day of My Life"
"We Can Find Him" "I Got Played" "I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die" "He Betrayed Us Both" "Don't Go Dark on Me"
"Be the Martyr" "We Know Everything" "Where Are Your Parents?" "Make Me the Enemy" "Please Say No One Else Is Dead"