Dr. Huang is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is an Obstetrician working at Middleton Hospital who worked as Laurel Castillo's doctor during her pregnancy.


Season 3Edit

During Laurel Castillo's 10 week check up at the obstetrician at Middleton Hospital, Dr. Huang performs an ultrasound to make sure that the baby is alright. After finding the right position, Dr. Huang switches on the volume on the ultrasound machine so that Laurel can hear her baby's heartbeat. Seeing that Laurel is looking overwhelmed, Dr. Huang turns the volume off. Laurel asks how long she has and Dr. Huang tells her that the state allows abortions up to 24 weeks. She also tells her that if she did want to terminate the pregnancy, she would have to have a consultation where her doctor would "lay all of her options out on the table." ("He Made a Terrible Mistake")

Season 4Edit

Months later, Laurel Castillo returns to Middleton Hospital where Dr. Huang examines Laurel and the baby to make sure that everything is alright. While performing the ultrasound, Dr. Huang asks her whether she or the father of the baby has a history of diabetes to which Laurel tells her that she doesn't think so. Laurel then goes on to ask about when she would do a paternity test as she is unsure who the father of her baby is. Dr. Huang tells her that if she would like to have one then she would need to speak to the hospital's genetic counselor. After Laurel's phone rings, Dr. Huang offers to give her some privacy and go and get the counselor. ("Stay Strong, Mama")


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