"Eric Harris was a psychopath who manipulated the weaker-willed Dylan Klebold into committing murder. Like Harris, I believe the defendant has antisocial personality disorder with prominent narcissistic - and sadistic traits."
—Dr. Healy to Rita Kaplan[src]

Dr. Healy is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Healy was asked for his professional opinion on Zoe Mitchell at court.


Season 2Edit

Dr. Healy at court. ("Skanks Get Shanked")

After giving Zoe Mitchell a phycological evaluation, Dr. Healy was called to the stand during her trial for killing her friend. After being asked by the prosecutor, he testified that Zoe had antisocial personality disorder with prominent narcissistic and sadistic traits. Annalise Keating then crosses him and brings up an old case of which his professional opinion was proven incorrect. Dr. Healy comments about the case is one of the hardest of his career. His opinion, in that case, caused a patient to be released into his parents care where he then murdered his parents and 1-year old sister by setting his Christmas tree on fire. Annalise then asked whether his professional diagnosis could be false to which he agrees, thereby getting his testimony thrown out. ("Skanks Get Shanked")


Season 2
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