"Don't Tell Annalise" is the 34th episode of How to Get Away with Murder.


The fate of a young client is jeopardized after the Philadelphia Bar Association disciplinary board discovers damaging information about Annalise. Meanwhile, Frank commits a shocking act that someone close to him must deal with.[2]


Flashforward: Bonnie makes a visit to Annalise in jail and tells her that someone else was found in the house. Later in the evening, Bonnie and Oliver spot Meggy at the hospital, who is rushing to inform a patient's doctor that results have shown that they are pregnant. She is then shocked to find out that the patient is the survivor of the fire: Laurel.

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  • After Laurel made a visit to Annalise’s, she overhears both Bonnie and Annalise talking about how Bonnie’s father died and that he was in Coalport, PA. Laurel disappears to the front door, where Bonnie finds her crying. They have a talk about Frank killing Bonnie’s father, which made Bonnie say to Laurel, ‘Don't tell Annalise.’

International TitlesEdit

  • French: "Ne dis rien à Annalise" (Do not say anything to Annalise)
  • Spanish: "No le digas a Annalise" (Do not tell Annalise)


Song Artist Scene
"Can't Do Without You (Extended Mix)" Caribou (4 Weeks Earlier) Annalise meets up with Eve at a lounge where they drinks and try not to discuss their lives when two guys come over and begin to hit on them, they end up partying the night away with them.
"Heat Stroke" Black Math Connor has a threesome with two college guys from HumpR, but he checked their IDs first.
"Ritual Spirit" Massive Attack & Azekel Asher tells Bonnie he's proud of her for what she did in court; Annalise meets with the Pennsylvania Bar to give a form statement; Nate and Renee have sex; the gang wait in Meggy's apartment for a surprise party for Wes; Annalise admits to being an alcoholic; Wes arrive for the party.
"Unholy" Zipper Club Michaela drunkenly makes fun of Meggy's name, Asher pulls her away to dance; Meggy pulls Wes onto the dance floor; Laurel leaves the party; Connor and Oliver have an honest conversation about hooking up with other people after breaking up.
"Scars" IAMX (Flashback) Frank kills Bonnie's father; Laurel admits knew where Frank was; (4 Weeks Later) Oliver tries to get information on the person found from Annalise's home; Meggy's finds Laurel the patient.



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