"I wouldn’t want to corrupt you. Any good gossip? Sorry I talk a lot. I just know I’d kick myself later if I didn’t at least try."
—Desmond to Annalise Keating[src]

Desmond is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is from Memphis who met Annalise Keating on a plane.


Season 4Edit

Desmond and "Bonnie" in his hotel room. ("I'm Going Away")

While on a plane to Memphis, he meets a woman who calls herself "Bonnie". The two bond. He also writes his number on a napkin and gives it to her. Once he gets settled in his hotel room, he gets a phone call from "Bonnie" and gives her the address of the hotel. Onc there, Desmond gives her compliment to which she simply brushes off. She begins removing her coat and shoes while he lays her down on the bed. His phone starts to ring and tells "Bonnie" to hang on while he answers it. He goes into the other room while he talks to his daughter. Annalise thinks that it's his wife or something and realizes the mistake shes made by going there. He finishes up and tells her that it was his daughter. The two try again but "Bonnie" cannot get back into it and grabs her things. He asks her if she wants to move slower but she continues to walk out. He calls after her and she tells him that her name is Annalise and leaves. ("I'm Going Away")



Season 4
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