"I wanted to take my girl, Val, out to celebrate her promotion. We pre-gamed at my crib and went dancing at our favorite bar. [...] He kept bugging us about making out. I just thought he was one of those straight guys who watches too much porn. [...] When he came up behind me, grabbed me, trying to dance everything went black."
—Dani's experience with Jace Stone[src]

Daniela Alvodar is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She was one of the many clients from the Middleton Criminal Law Clinic. She was charged with aggravated assault until Annalise and her students managed to get her charges dropped.


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After serving two tours, Dani wanted to take Val out to celebrate her getting a promotion. When they went to her favorite bar, Jace Stone tried flirting with the girls, specifically Dani but she wasn't interested. Apparently, he was pushed into the back of her which gave her the illusion that he was grabbing her and forcing her to dance. She then instinctively grabbed her knife and held it up to his throat. Though he thought she was having a laugh with him when he saw the blood he knew she was serious. Jace was then taken to the hospital where he was treated. ("Is Someone Really Dead?")

The District Attorney's Office decided to press charges against her for aggravated assault. She was then appointed to Annalise Keating's legal clinic where she was questioned by all her students on her trama of that night. She also explains her possible PTSD symptoms after giving a graphic description of what she went through while she was on tour. After court, Daniela is pulled aside by Annalise and questioned as Annalise knows that she was lying about her trauma while on tour. Daniela reveals that the story is real but just not hers, that she only felt the pain of the victim when she was told it. Annalise later uses this and gets Daniela to purger herself on the stand in order to get a mistrial. This results in the ADA offering Dani a plea deal if she pleads guilty that she would serve no time only she would be charged with a misdemeanor and have to be discharged from the army reserves. Though this isn't ideal for Dani, Annalise makes her realize that it is the better option than going to jail. ("Is Someone Really Dead?")


Season 3
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