Agent Claire Telesco[1] is a supporting character on How to Get Away with Murder. She was the agent who was responsible with investigating the death of Philadelphia's District Attorney Todd Denver and subsequently arrested Jorge Castillo for the crime along with other crimes. She later spearheaded Operation Bonfire until she was subsequently removed from the case and later fired for supposedly not protecting Sandrine Castillo while she was in witness protection.


Season 4Edit

Following the mysterious death of Philadelphia's District Attorney Todd Denver, Telesco was sent to investigate. After finding that the D.A.'s breaks were tampered with, the agent then followed up on some of the D.A.'s meetings which were held the previous day. She started with Laurel Castillo as she had an unscheduled meeting with the D.A. Laurel turned up with her lawyer, Annalise Keating. Laurel told the agent that she meet with Denver to discuss her coming back to work following her maternity leave. Laurel then went on to say that that wasn't what the conversation was about; she told her that he wanted to talk about her father, Jorge Castillo. Curious, the agent pushes Laurel for more information to which Laurel claims to be unaware that Denver and her father were even acquainted. Laurel brings up the fact that she doesn't know much more as she and her father haven't been communicating due to the custody battle for Christopher Castillo. Following their meeting, she was approached by Tegan Price who offered the F.B.I. illegal information about Antares Technologies and one of its C.E.O.'s Jorge Castillo. Tegan explained that she would only give the evidence if she cooperated anonymously and that she wanted an immunity deal for her going against her non-disclosure agreement which was held between her and Antares. Once Jorge was taken into custody, Telesco thanked Tegan for the assistance and reassured her that it would never link back to her and to go back to Caplan & Gold and pretend as if nothing had happened. ("Nobody Else Is Dying")

Season 5Edit


  • Agent Telesco was one of the many characters whose name wasn't disclosed in the episode but was found in the transcript of the episode, "Nobody Else Is Dying".[2]


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