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Detective Claire Bryce is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. She is a detective at the Philadelphia Police Department.


Season 1

The detectives questioning suspects. ("Hello Raskolnikov")

Following the disappearance of Sam Keating, Detective Amos and Bryce called in his wife, Annalise Keating to the precinct who immediately asks her whether she thinks Sam killed Lila to which Annalise agrees to. The detectives bring up the affair and Annalise tells them that she suspected that something was going on in the summer but it was only confirmed on the night that Sam went missing. After Annalise, the detectives begin calling in the people who may have had something to do with Sam's disappearance, starting with the Keating 5. Wes is first and the detectives start by asking him where he was the previous night to which he claims to have gone to the bonfire and hadn't seen Sam at any point in the night. Wes then informs the detectives that he is in a relationship with his client, Rebecca Sutter. Following Wes, Laurel is called next and they follow the same line of questioning as with Wes. She corroborates his story. Noticing that she was keeping something from them, Bryce asks her what she is hiding to which Laurel tells her that Sam looked at her sometimes, in a lustful manner. Asher's next and he tells them that didn't go with the others as he wasn't invited. Asher then tells the detectives that he saw Connor's car in the Keating House driveway on the night. Following Asher, Bonnie was questioned and she told them that Sam made a move on her on the night. They then question Michaela who tells them that they parked at the Keating's as it was easier than parking closer due to the lack of parking spaces. Connor is last to be questioned and he tells them that he feels sorry for Annalise for all that she has been through. ("Hello Raskolnikov")


Season 1
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Season 1