"Hey. [...] I found him. So do or die. What do you want to do?"
—The Butch Man to Annalise Keating moments before his death[src]

The Butch Man was a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He was hired by Annalise Keating using Sam's life insurance money to find and take out Frank Delfino.


Season 3Edit

The Hitman's dead body. ("There Are Worse Things Than Murder")

After being paid by Annalise Keating, the man was hired to find and kill Frank Delfino. He called her every now and again to check in and tell her that he hadn't found him yet but that he would keep looking. He later found where Frank was hiding out at a motel and called Annalise to tell her that he found where he was staying. However, Frank was in the room and the two had a confrontation which ended up with Frank killing the hitman. Frank then takes his dead body and stages it in a car and sets the car on fire. ("We're Good People Now", "There Are Worse Things Than Murder")


Season 3
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