"Maybe I should just date girls like this instead. Won't complain or order the most expensive thing on the menu."
—Bruno Mancini to Frank Delfino about Rebecca Sutter[src]

Bruno Mancini is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is the friend of Frank Delfino who assisted him in getting rid of Rebecca Sutter's body.


Season 2Edit

On the night of January 23, Bruno was contacted via his sister, by Frank Delfino. He asked his old friend from school, to assist him in getting rid of Rebecca Sutter's body. The two used a suitcase to cram her body into and placed her in a storage locker. ("Meet Bonnie", "Two Birds, One Millstone")

Bruno and Frank dealing with Rebecca's body. ("Two Birds, One Millstone")

Months later, while working at the cemetery, Bruno is approached by Levi Wescott and Wes Gibbins asking about Frank Delfino. He asks him why Frank would call his sister, Sabrina three times on the night of January 23. Bruno tells them that he doesn't know what he is talking about and Levi reaches into his belt and pulls out a gun and points it at him. Bruno tells him to leave, Wes agrees and urges Levi to leave too. Levi then accuses Bruno of getting rid of Rebecca's body until Wes stops him and demands him put the gun away. Wes then asks Bruno personally what Frank asked on that night. Upon telling him nothing, Wes leaves and Bruno calls Frank to tell him about Levi and Wes. With this development, Frank had Bruno move Rebecca's body out of the storage locker and replace it with his suitcase of cash. Following Wes and the other Keating 5's appearance at the storage locker, Frank retrieved Rebecca's body from Bruno and placed her corpse in the back of his car. ("Meet Bonnie", "Two Birds, One Millstone")


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