Barry Thompson is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. He is an attorney who was employed by Raul Hargrove to work on his divorce case.


Season 4Edit

Barry Thompson with his client, Raul Hargrove, talking with Soraya and her lawyers. ("Was She Ever Good at Her Job?")

Barry was hired by Raul Hargrove in hopes that he will help him win custody to his two children after he divorced his wife, Soraya Hargrove. While meeting with Soraya at Caplan & Gold with her two lawyers, Annalise Keating and Tegan Price with her intern Michaela Pratt, he used the video footage of Soraya throwing up in the children's bathroom as leverage and got Soraya to agree to give him 6 million. Her lawyers, however, refused to let her pay such a large amount of money. After some digging, they found bank statements which showed that he was broke. With this information, they got Barry and Raul to lower their expectations down to Soraya giving him 1 million and that they both have joint custody of their kids. ("Was She Ever Good at Her Job?")


Season 4
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