"What occurred when Mr. Kaufman ingested the aspirin? [...] Mr. Kaufman went into anaphylactic shock. His throat swelled and his brain was deprived of oxygen for 7 minutes before his first assistant was able to resuscitate him."
Annalise Keating about Arthur Kaufman[src]

Arthur Kaufman is a minor character on How to Get Away with Murder. After an accident, Arthur's brain was deprived of oxygen which, once he was revived, caused permanent brain damage.


Early LifeEdit

Arthur with his wife at court. ("Pilot")

After 27 years of marriage with Agnes Kaufman, it was revealed that Arthur was having an affair with his assistant, Gina Sadowski. After Agnes found out about the affair, Gina was moved to the accounting department. Following this, both his wife and mistress worked together to kill Arthur by switching his pill which he takes every morning for an aspirin pill of which he is allergic to. After taking the pill, Arthur went into anaphylactic shock and his brain was deprived of oxygen for 7 minutes. Once he was resuscitated by his assistant, it was clear that he had permanent brain damage and subsequently required round the clock care. Following this, charges were brought against Gina Sadowski for attempted murder. After Gina got attorney Annalise Keating on her side, she managed to get Gina off due to lack of evidence. ("Pilot")


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