Antares Technologies is a location on How to Get Away with Murder. It is a technological company which specializes in the manufacture of drones, pumps, among other things.


Season 3Edit

While Laurel wanted her father's assistance in finding Frank, Laurel arranges a meeting with her father at his work. Once she arrives, Jorge greets his daughter with pleasure but tells her that he knows that she has come to seek help to find her boyfriend Frank, and tells her that she has called upon Frank too many times and that he does not deserve her. Ursula, one of Jorge's assistants tries to talk to Laurel which bothers her. After Jorge proposed an agreement to his daughter in exchange for the information that night, Laurel visited her father in his office the following day with the agreement signed. Now that her father has what he wanted, he gives her the information about Franks whereabouts. Before his daughter leaves, Jorge apologizes to her for all the bad things she has done to her. Laurel hugs him and apparently forgives him before leaving for Philidelphia. ("Always Bet Black")

Over the next couple of months, Jorge prepares his company to go public while destroying any evidence that painted a bad image of the company and its workers. This involves killing Wes as Wes planned to out his daughter (along with other individuals) as being part of two cover-ups. These two events would cripple Antares which led Jorge to send Dominic to kill Wes in order to prevent him from telling the police everything. ("Wes (episode)", "Stay Strong, Mama")

Season 4Edit

Due to the FBI getting their hands on information implicating Jorge in multiple crimes, he is arrested. Tegan Price, one of the business's lawyers from Caplan & Gold, was the whistleblower who gave the FBI all of the files that they needed to prosecute Jorge. Following this, it is assumed that Antares Technologies would be under investigation by the FBI. ("Nobody Else Is Dying")




Season 3
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